We Are Now Offering Cakes!

Starting with Japanese Cheesecakes

Japanese Cheesecake slice

With a delicate texture, and flavour that’s as light as a cloud, Japanese Cheesecake allows you to enjoy cheesecake without the heaviness of traditional cheesecake.

You will love the light texture and creamy taste! Try one today.

We currently have four flavours to choose from:

Cake Sizes and Prices

Our Japanese Cheesecakes are available in 7″ to  8″ rounds. And, are priced from $48 to $60 each.

Japanese Cheesecake - Strawberry and Chocolate Drizzle
Japanese Cheesecake with Fresh Strawberries and Chocolate Drizzle

Custom Cake Decorating

We will decorate your cake with your choice of colours and design. Great for any celebrations you have coming up…. 

Call us today to order your custom-decorated Japanese Cheesecake, and get ready to absolutely delight your guests! …and, yourself, too!