Notti Biscotti offers twenty different flavours of chocolate heaven, of cookie sensation, of deliciously thick and oblong Italian sweet mischief.

Shelley Quesnel created Notti’s legendary chocolate-based dough, and packs up to 100 grams of the wonderful stuff in each biscotti. The word itself translates to 'twice baked', and that history goes a long way to the slightly crunchy texture, biscotti lovers can’t do without.

Using all natural ingredients, without preservatives, and buying only the best chocolate, Shelley creates gourmet versions by adding rum, apricot, blueberry, and a mouth-watering range of our favourite yummies.

Ordering is a-little-bit-wicked fun...

“I give them all names, so they’ve taken their own identity,” says this ambitious business woman.

Go coconut crazy with Coco Loco. Find a hazelnut explosion with Wicked Willy. Mix pumpkin, milk chocolate, spices, caramel and pecans in a Fireman’s pole. Stick to tradition with Dusty Rusty’s almonds and Turkish apricots, smothered in an apricot glaze and rolled in almond dust.

Although Biscotti came from Italy, where a crunchy almond-flavoured slice is a compliment for dunks in tea or coffee on the peninsula, the favourite has new life under Shelley’s care, with exotic flavours and creative additions, you have to check out!