Feeling Notti? That’s feeling Biscotti!

A little notti impulse goes a long way. All the way to the podium at the Surrey Board of Trade! Meet Shelley Quesnel – a South Surrey businesswoman redefining the Italian biscotti. At Morgan Creek Corporate Centre, Notti Biscotti Café and Bakery serves up fresh-baked goodness in twenty different biscotti flavours.

Shelley’s version is a deliciously thick, melt in your mouth crunch of sweet mischief.

The popular cookie sensation started humbly, in Shelley’s home kitchen. Shall we be honest and say it all began in Shelley’s heart? Once this ex-business manager discovered the joy of baking, there was no turning back. Using all natural ingredients, Shelley created a recipe that is wholesome, freezes well and has no preservatives. The chocolate-based dough packs up to 100 grams of premium chocolate into each biscotti. Gourmet versions add rum, apricot, blueberry or a mouth-watering range of exotic flavours. Friends and family loved them as much as Shelley enjoyed making them. “if you really love what you want to do, you end up getting a lot done!”

That’s how a love of baking turned into a growing business. Fast forward to November of last year. Shelley is on stage at the Sheraton Guildford as winner of the Board of Trade’s Business Excellence Award for 2007.

Today we find Notti Biscotti in 50 outlets, with Doggi Biscotti’s for pooch, and a delectable Notti Cake line for special occasions. On top of expanding product opportunities, Shelley’s investors are now negotiating franchise opportunities. “I created Notti to franchise and each year I’ve learned so much. But ‘baby-steps’ are vital because I truly want to succeed,” she says.

The biscotti menu works so well because there’s a flavor for everyone. Go coconut crazy with Coco Loco. Find a hazelnut explosion with Wicked Willy. “I give them all names,” says this creative business woman, “they’ve taken their own identity.”

The positive response to her home-style baking encouraged Shelley to hire another pastry chef. Lori Hepworth is famous for her Notti Squares. The resulting line of Notti Cakes nicely rounds off a thorough selection. The Notti menu includes lattes, international teas and coffees, frappes, fresh sandwiches, wraps, soups and salads.